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Economics of microlending in SA, according to EasyPay Everywhere

Business Day Spotlight speaks to Simphiwe Phakathi, executive head of sales and distribution at EasyPay Everywhere

The economics of micro lending in SA is the focus of this edition of Business Day Spotlight. Host Mudiwa Gavaza is joined by Simphiwe Phakathi, executive head of sales and distribution at EasyPay Everywhere.

EasyPay, whose customers are primarily grant recipients, is a unit of listed fintech group Lesaka.

The group consists of two divisions: a merchant and consumer segment. The consumer unit focuses on products such as unsecured credit, transactional banking, micro-insurance and value-added services through the EasyPay platform.

Phakathi outlines the performance of EasyPay’s microlending business. Of Lesaka’s 1.5-million consumer base, 400,000 have opted in for a loan product, indicating uptake by about a quarter of its base. R1.6bn has been dispersed so far for loans up to R2,000.

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He says the take up of their lending products, as well as those from competing businesses, highlights the pressure that many South Africans are under to make ends meet.

Topics of discussion include: increased demand for micro lending in SA; EasyPay’s plan to capture market share in that market; and continued pressure on consumers.

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